Taking on the work of managing XR devices can be overwhelming, with hurdles at every turn. ArborXR understands the difficulties in configuring XR devices and has developed a comprehensive solution to make the process seamless and fast. Introducing Scenegraph, our all-encompassing platform that handles all parts of XR device management, delivering a seamless experience from start to finish.

Navigating the complexities of XR device setup requires several stages, including initial account setup, developer mode, side-loading, and connecting headsets to mobile devices or computers. With ArborXR, we’ve simplified this process by providing customers with a user-friendly interface and easy controls, reducing the complexities that frequently surround XR device maintenance.

Scenegraph takes care of every step in the process, covering the following key areas:

  1. Device Purchase: Choose from a curated selection of XR devices to meet the diverse needs of our users. Our platform ensures a straightforward purchasing process for an immersive XR experience.
  2. Delivery: Once you’ve selected your XR devices, ArborXR takes care of the logistics, ensuring prompt and secure delivery to your preferred location.
  3. Account Setup: Setting up user accounts is often a time-consuming task. We’ve streamlined this process, offering a simplified account setup that ensures a quick and smooth setup experience.
  4. Content Deployment: Easily deploy and manage content on your XR devices through our intuitive platform. Whether it’s educational materials, training modules, or entertainment content, Scenegraph facilitates seamless content deployment, allowing you to focus on the core objectives.
  5. Remote Management: Scenegraph’s remote management capabilities provide unprecedented convenience. Monitor and control your XR devices from anywhere, ensuring optimal performance and minimising downtime.
  6. Analytics: Gain valuable insights into XR device usage with detailed analytics. Track user engagement, content consumption patterns, and performance metrics to inform strategic decisions and enhance the overall XR experience.
  7. Bespoke App Development: Arbor XR goes beyond off-the-shelf solutions with our bespoke app development services. Tailor-made applications catered to your specific needs ensure a personalised and impactful XR experience for your users.

Who can benefit from Managed XR Headsets?

  1. Schools
  2. Colleges
  3. Universities
  4. Training Providers
  5. Combined/Local Authorities
  6. Private Institutions

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Scoping Session: How it works

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