Scenegraph Studios offers a range of training, consultation, knowledge sharing, research strategies, business understanding, and immersive strategy implementation sessions. We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have on the latest technology and trends on the market. If you are needing support then we are here for you as much as you need.

Need Funding Support for Training?

Speak to the team at Scenegraph Studios, you may be able to recoup the costs of training through the government’s RnD Tax credits. Scenegraphs partners handle the paperwork, leaving you to build your business strategy and Scenegraph to train and support your staff.


Not only do we provide training, events, and workshops, but consulting as well.

Short term, long term, full team support, we are here for you to help on the immersive strategy and rollout.

Need a suite of XR headsets rolling out company wide? We have done that before.

Need high end workstations? We can help with that through our network of vendors and workstation providers.

Support Pacakges

Scenegraph Studios understands the commitment an organisation needs to build 3D workflows. We offer support packages along with our consultancy to help you and your organisation grow. 3 months, 6 months, and 12 month support packages are available.

What does a support package provide? In short, we help you build your 3D workflow to eventually not need Scenegraph Studios. From building your teams knowledge of Unreal Engine, Blender, NVIDIA Omniverse, to working your business development team to design strategies and roll out plans. We help you develop your software and offer a direct link to our development team, if a problem arises, we will be there to help. If it is a larger piece of work outside the scope of support we will work with you to design and build the next steps.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a prime example of where we believe a long term support package would benefit an organisation. Our connections with the NVIDIA Inception Program and knowledge of the underlying architecture allows us to impart this information to our clients.

Book a scoping call to discuss the options and whether a support package is appropriate.


Our training and support packages offer a wide range of integrations. From installation of NVIDIA Omniverse on premises, to Unreal Engine workshops, to AI development hackathons.

We conduct training within our very own XR-Lab where we complete our research and developments.

  • Web Development

  • Unreal Engine

  • Game Development

  • NVIDIA Omniverse


Scenegraph Studios has a host of training events throughout the year. Check out our Eventbrite profile and stay up to date with any online or in person events.

  • Web Development

  • Unreal Engine

  • Game Development

  • NVIDIA Omniverse


The immersive industry is vast, complicated, and difficult to understand. Off the shelf training may not be appropriate, especially when NDAs are required for a sensitive project.

Scenegraph Studios offers bespoke training for your needs. Our team is built of industry veterans with decades of experience as well as teaching qualifications. This combination allows us to not only build our own successful IP, but allows us to help others build the skills they need to build and deliver their own successful products.

By The Hour

We understand that you are busy building your own business. We don’t normally do single-hour calls, but sometimes you only need an hour to fix your problems and answer the questions you have. This is why we want to be as flexible as possible.

Book a scoping call and we can quickly understand if we can help you within a short session.

We recommend within an hour we can quickly uncover the problems you are having, suggest areas you should research, create a path of development, or make a connection with our network.

Book a Scoping Call