Navigate the world of virtual reality with ease and efficiency through our managed VR headset services, utilizing the advanced capabilities of ArborXR. We provide a comprehensive solution for seamless management of various VR headsets including Quest 2, Quest 3, HTC, Pico, and more. Our service is designed to streamline your VR experience, offering the ability to lock down headsets and deploy a suite of bespoke applications tailored to your specific needs. With features like analytics, remote management, and access control, we ensure a smooth, controlled, and insightful VR operation. Ideal for educational institutions implementing VR in classrooms, businesses employing VR for training and presentations, entertainment venues offering immersive experiences, or healthcare professionals utilising VR for therapy and patient engagement, our managed VR services cater to a diverse array of industries. As you delve deeper into our page, discover how our expertise in VR headset management can enhance your VR initiatives, providing a hassle-free, efficient, and tailored virtual reality experience.

Managed XR Devices Made Easy

Management of XR devices has troubled organisations and hindered the wide spread adoption. At Scenegraph, we have worked hard to understand what our clients need and require, leading us to create a managed XR service.

Let us take care of the XR headset management, making it easy for your staff, users, and trainees to use headsets.

  • Meta Quest 2, 3, Pro

  • Pico: Neo 2, Neo 3 Pro, 4 Enterprise
  • HTC Vive: Flow, Elite, Focus

  • Dont see your device? Get in touch.

Remote Content Delivery Across All Devices

Managing multiple headsets, with different training applications is made simple by the systems and software employed by Scenegraph.

Updating headsets is as easy as clicking a button.


Analytics Included

It is important to understand how, when, and who is using an organisation’s XR device.

Scenegraph Studios understands the power in data and the understanding that comes with analytics.

Take charge of your own headsets, or let us take care of them for you, seeing real-time information on the fleet of XR Devices.

Scoping Session: How it works

On the scoping call, we will quickly understand your needs and help plan a path to help fix the problem you are having.

To make sure we scope your project as fast as possible, we will send you a quick form to fill out so understand your needs before joining the call.

Book in with Dr David Tully by clicking the date and time you prefer.