Elevate your perspective and capture the world in stunning detail with our state-of-the-art drone scanning services. We specialize in transforming aerial footage into precise 3D models of real-world locations and structures, offering an unparalleled vantage point for your projects. Our services are ideal for a multitude of applications: from architects and construction professionals seeking accurate models for project planning, to filmmakers and video producers looking for breathtaking aerial shots for films or explainer videos. Additionally, our expertise benefits those in real estate, showcasing properties with an immersive experience, and in urban planning, providing detailed overviews of large areas for development and analysis. As you continue through our page, explore how our advanced drone technology, combined with expert image processing, can bring a new dimension to your visual storytelling and professional projects. Discover the limitless possibilities that come with high-quality, detailed aerial imaging and 3D modeling, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Drone Video/Image Capture 3D Scenes

At Scenegraph, we build virtual worlds using many different techniques. One of these is with drones flying over environments capturing images and video content we then use to build 3D environments.

Capture your environments and have a record for the future.

  • Capture Environments
  • Build Scenes for Renders, Games, and Immersive Experiences
  • Disseminate Large Scenes
  • Record Stages of Project Builds

Videos and Images

Video and Image capture at 4K in a tiny handheld drone. 

Building footage for having footage in the past recording project updates, capturing beautiful events, and footage for your next marketing push. At Scenegraph we can support you in your project for capturing scenes at scale.

  • Videos at 4k 60 frames a second
  • Images at Scale
  • Capture hi-res images of architecture
  • Heritage capture
  • Scene capture

Gaussian Splats

Scenegraph Studios has innovated a cutting-edge method for capturing and representing large 3D scenes through the use of Gaussian Splats, leveraging drone technology for comprehensive scene acquisition. By deploying drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, the studio is able to capture extensive video footage and images of vast areas from multiple angles and elevations. This aerial data collection provides a detailed overview of the scene, which is then processed using advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms. The essence of their technique lies in converting the collected visual data into a series of Gaussian Splats—a method where points in space are represented as spheres with properties that blend smoothly with their neighbors, creating a continuous 3D representation. Each splat embodies a point in the scene, with its size and intensity determined by the local geometry and texture information derived from the drone’s captures. This process not only ensures a highly accurate and detailed 3D model of the scene but also allows for efficient rendering and manipulation of large-scale environments, opening new avenues in visual effects, virtual reality, and spatial analysis.

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