www.spiritvr.co.uk focuses on utilising Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance mental health and well-being.

SpiritVR - Journey


A 6 session course teaching Mindfulness

SpiritVR - Confidence


Practice public speaking

SpiritVR - Sensory


VR rooms build for sensory seekers and sensory avoiders

Benefits and Outcomes of VR: Their VR experiences are designed to:

    • Improve health through meditation and relaxation.
    • Relieve stress by providing an escape and practicing calming exercises.
    • Balance the mind with mindfulness techniques.
    • Build confidence through practice in virtual social situations.
    • Enhance mindful breathing and sensory exploration in diverse environments.

Targeted Packages: Spirit VR offers specialized packages for different groups:

    • Education Providers: Includes Mindfulness VR, Confidence VR, Sensory VR, managed XR headsets, web experiences, training videos, and visiting sessions.
    • Businesses: Focuses on Mindfulness VR, Confidence VR, dedicated support, VR training videos, loan and lease headset options, and various pricing plans.

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