Welcome to the forefront of technological innovation in mental wellness and professional development. Our suite of products is designed to harness the transformative power of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Dive into our mental health virtual reality applications, a sanctuary for those seeking solace and understanding in a digital realm. Explore our cutting-edge Unreal Engine plugins, tailor-made for creators seeking to push the boundaries of virtual environments. And elevate your professional journey with our AI-driven interview and soft skills training tools, crafted to refine and enhance your interpersonal abilities. Each product is a testament to our commitment to blending technology with human-centric solutions, providing you not just a product, but an experience that evolves and grows with you. Discover how our intellectual property can be the key to unlocking your potential, both personally and professionally.

SpiritVR - Journey

Virtual Reality Mindfulness, a 6 stage course reducing anxiety.

SpiritVR - Confidence

Building Cofidence through Virtual Reality public speaking scenarios.

spirit vr sensory

SpiritVR - Sensory

Sensory experience in Virtual Reality. Built for users with sensory needs (Seakers and Avoiders).


Bring your presentations to life with 3D Models, animations, and real-time visualisations.


Practice interview and soft skills using our latest in AI powered Avatars.

GetSet Unreal Engine Plugin

Extend Unreal Engine 4 + 5 editor


Scenegraph Studios is building the next gen learning material.