Immersive Empathy Training, commissioned by Caius House, a London based charity whos aim it is to improve relationships between the police and the communities they server.

The original requirements of the project was to create a 360 film showing the story of a young boy called Shane who has a difficult home life. During his day he is stopped and searched by a police officer with no need to stop and search the child.

The film was to be films from the eye of the character, moving through environments. We advised against this due to motion sickness. Up to 60% of VR users will feel motion sick if the camera is moving.

Multiple sessions with the Caius team led us to design a 3D VR experience where the user was first put into the position of a police officer seeing a young boy speak to rough looking characters on a corner at night and then run down an alley. The user is then transported to the young boy where they have the choice to Stop and Search or Help the young boy.

After this choice they are put into the shoes of the young boy with a difficult home life. You witness your parents arguing and your dad leaving. You chase after your father which plays out in front of the officer. You ask the characters on the corner of the street have they seen your father and this leads you to the alley way.

You are then transported to the shoes of the police officer and asked whether you should Stop and Search or offer help and support.

We are made up with the results of this project and the feedback given.

The VR training is currently underway with the police in London. We have plans to continue this work promoting empathy training through VR for other sectors of public based services.