Amazing Machines is a product that brings space age wall art into the immersive digital world. Simply scan the QR code to view, manipulate, and interact with dynamic 3D Augmented Reality images.

You can now experience the Mars Curiosity Rover, The I.S.S, and Space Shuttle Endeavour in AR.


The challenge for this project was to create a website that advertises and sells the interactive Amazing Machines AR wall art. This site needs to push its accessibility, and convey the creativeness of Augmented Reality.

     What is Needed

  • Site layout that promotes the product effectively.
  • A demonstration of the product in action.
  • Set up the site for e-commerce to sell the AR wall art.


The strategy for this site began with our collaboration with Team Creative, who had the idea of combining wall art with Augmented Reality. Team Creative commissioned artwork and designs for Amazing Machines, while Scenegraph Studios developed the back end to the site. We also gathered the 3D models for the site which had to be optimised, allowing the Web AR to run as smoothly as possible.

This site was intended to be used for e-commerce, allowing users to simply navigate, select, and purchase the limited edition interactive AR wall art.

     Our Strategy Concludes.

  1. Collaboration – Working with Team Creative to understand the needs of the website.
  2. Development – Using WordPress we developed the back end of the site, creating custom pages navigation. Using WooCommerce to add e-Commerce features to the site allowing the user to purchase products.
  3. Marketing –  We set up Google Analytics to understand the client base in order to create a more effective site. Created posts on social media in order to bring more users to the site and to push sales.