Below is a subset of the work we have completed at Scenegraph Studios. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Projections, Renders, and Immersive Projects. 

Follow the pages below to learn more about the projects.

Ecclestone Street Post Office

From 2D CAD drawings delivered from the remote client, the team build a 3D visualisation to convert an old post office building into a modern restaurant.

SpiritVR Journey – VR Mental Wellbeing

A suite of Virtual Reality applications aiming to reduce anxiety for mental wellbeing.

  • SpiritVR – Journey: A 6 session VR course
  • Mindful practices
  • Multiple voice actors
  • Includes work booklet
  • VR headset management

SpiritVR – Confidence

Practice presentations in mobile VR. You decide how many AI characters are in the audience.

  • Auditorium
  • School classroom
  • Business environment
  • Wedding Venue (Best Man/Woman speech)

Upload your own slides is a feature being built in as standard.

StartYard – Concept Visualisation

Building the concept visualisation renders from 2D CAD and close communication with the client.

SpiritVR – Sensory

Building Virtual Reality to satisfy a large number of sensory need requirements.

Built with young people in mind, and working closely with families, support clinics, schools, and SEN charities.

Go on an immersive film, ending in an interactive panel where the user can visualise reducing their carbon generation.

  • Sensory room
  • Science room
  • Sea floor calming

Using gamification to excite, or calm an individual.

Daniel Adamson VR Experiences – 360 | Learning | Game

Take learning to the next level.

A drivable steamship with dual engine physics.

The Daniel Adamson, the UKs oldest Steam ship of its type, repaired and now created digitally for VR and online 3D.

Girmit – An Immersive untold story of indentured labour

Taking VR Tilt Brush files and building a 360 rendering pipeline using Unity to tell a 360 VR story viewable on YouTube, Facebook, and all VR Headsets as well as Mobile Phones in Google Cardboards.

Summer: 2021

What is Carbon? – A VR Immersive Story

Commisioned by the Liverpool John Moores Low Carbon Eco project, funded by Norther Powerhouse, European Regeneration Fund, and Liverpool John Moores.

The project aims to explain what is ‘Carbon’ and visualise how much carbon the average person creates a year.

Go on an immersive film, ending in an interactive panel where the user can visualise reducing their carbon generation.

Get Set Camera Plugin – Unreal Engine Development

  • Plugin Development
  • C++
  • Python Editor Extensions
  • Fortnite VERSE coding
  • Blueprints
  • External Library Inclusions

Contact if you need bespoke Unreal Engine development built for your project.

GetSet Editor Camera Unreal Plugin can be found HERE.

Dazzle – VR Mindfulness

Go on a journey of mindful experiences.

Fire Safety VR

Fire Safety Training VR brings the safety of putting out fires using different extinguisher types in an immersive training simulation. Built for Mobile VR (Meta Quest, Pico) with no external devices for ease of use and speedy training.

Avatar / MetaHuman Creation

Building MetaHumans in Unreal Engine, Blender, and Reallusion for Film, Games, VR, AR, and visual storytelling projects.

3D Web – Gallery

Building Immersive experiences on the web allows a global audience to view your content. Click the button to load our 3D art gallery and experience the first steps to your very own 3D experience/store/metaverse.

Immersive Empathy Training

A Virtual Reality simulation to help with Police training, raising awareness of cultural challenges and unconscious bias.