Recently, the left controller on our Meta Quest 2 stopped responding at the Scenegraph office. We tried the usual troubleshooting methods, like changing the batteries, however, they had no results.
We turned to Meta for their advice, which was to unpair and re-pair the controllers through the Meta Quest mobile app. Unfortunately, the app could not find our headset, forcing us into the last resort of a factory reset. Without both controllers connected, the headset would not move past the first stage of setup – resulting in the headset becoming unusable.

Here is what we tried:

Unpair and Re-pair The Touch Controller

  1. Make sure that your headset is turned on
  2. Open the Meta Quest mobile app on your phone
  3. Tap the image of your device in the top-left corner of the Meta Quest mobile app.
  4. Go to Headset settings > Controllers > + Pair new controller.
  5. Press and hold the and on the left controller or and buttons on the right controller until the controller LED blinks

Pressing these buttons did nothing for us, no lights, no vibrations, no pairing.

With the Meta Quest 2 essentially inoperable, we started to look for second-hand controllers, as the replacement ones on the Meta website were priced at a steep £69.99. While we were searching for solutions, we stumbled upon a community facing the same issues.

Our answer came from an unexpected source – a Reddit article explaining a technique for fixing unresponsive controllers.

The Fix That Worked For Us

  1. Go to the pairing screen in the mobile app.
  2. Take out the battery from the controller.
  3. Choose the controller you want to pair in the app.
  4. When you are prompted, press and hold the pairing buttons, whilst simultaneously inserting the battery back into the controller.

According to the Reddit article, it’s worked for quite a few people! So, before considering a pricey replacement or parting ways with your headset, give this fix a try.

meta quest 2 controller

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