Perforce and why Cloud Hosting is now viable

Perforce is one of the best Source Control options out there and used by many AAA games development companies and a lot of software companies.

Alternatives to Source Control are Git, but this post is highlighted something which we at Scenegraph have been waiting for for a long time – Source Control in the cloud.

Why has it not been done before… well it has, but it has been VERY expensive due to 3 factors;

  1. The cost of Perforce licences (you get 5 free for start ups)
  2. The cost of storage. Many projects only need a few code files and small images, but many games and immersive project needs GigiBytes (GB), or TeraBytes (TB) of data storage.
  3. Other cloud storage providers like AWS have ‘Buckets’. These are not expensive for the storage, but expensive when you wish to upload or download. Submitting many files with tiny changes is pretty much what source control is amazing for.

The turnkey solution makes creating your own source control even more attractive and removes the complicated setup. It is also fairly reasonable in price.

Perforce on Azure

The webpage from Perforce is about their product, Helix Core Cloud. This product is designed as a scalable version control system tailored for teams of up to 50 members. It is entirely managed and hosted by Perforce, offering an easy and quick setup for organizations. Some key features and benefits of Helix Core Cloud include:

  1. 100% Automated Deployment: The service emphasizes a “turnkey” approach, meaning that once a user count is selected, Perforce automatically deploys Helix Core.
  2. Expertly Pre-Configured Settings: Users get industry best practices applied without the need to configure or maintain their own server, as server administration is automatically handled by Perforce.
  3. Professional-Grade Reliability: The product promises minimal unplanned downtime with automated monitoring and alerts managed by Perforce.
  4. No Fuss Scalability: It offers easy scalability in terms of adding or removing users and managing dynamic team and storage needs.
  5. Automatic Updates: The service ensures security and server optimization with new features and enhancements, managed across teams with limited downtime.
  6. Unique Features of Perforce Version Control: Helix Core Cloud provides a single source of truth for digital assets, secure storage with immutable history, efficient collaboration with easy sync and submit of large files, and accelerated development through visualization of branching methodologies.

The page also addresses frequently asked questions about the service, noting that it can be a complete replacement for Git for small teams, especially those requiring scalability for large file sizes and IP needs. It clarifies that the Helix Core Cloud is ideally suited for new customers, particularly smaller teams, and doesn’t signify a change in Perforce’s product strategy, as they continue to support on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployment options.

Overall, Helix Core Cloud is presented as a convenient, scalable, and reliable version control solution, especially suitable for small teams requiring enterprise-scale version control.

Need Help With On-Premesis Source Control?

At Scenegraph, we use a local server (a server in our office) which is our source control.

As stated – Perforce is great for small teams as they allow up to 5 licenses for free while your team is growing.

Setting up Perforce can be complicated for first-time users. The team at Scenegraph can help you with this.

Book a scoping call. We can even help purely remotely.

A benefit of having an On-Prem install is you can utilise a high end server, or an old laptop, add a lot of storage and you are in good hands.

Remember to always have multiple backups. We recommend 3 copies; 2 on-prem and 1 somewhere else.

CloudBlaze is a good backup site – Free to Upload, but costs to download… this is good because you only need to use the service if things go wrong.

Scoping Session: How it works

On the scoping call, we will quickly understand your needs and help plan a path to help fix the problem you are having.

To make sure we scope your project as fast as possible, we will send you a quick form to fill out so understand your needs before joining the call.

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