PureRef is a user-friendly tool crafted for creative professionals who require an efficient way to organize reference images. It works seamlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux, ensuring accessibility to all your reference images to enhance your creative workflow. Whether you’re collecting inspiration, building mood boards, or gathering references for your projects, PureRef lets you concentrate on creation without the hassle of managing your resources.

The software provides features such as adjustable window behavior to keep it in view, transparency for easy image tracing, and an overlay mode for managing individual images. Users can also add notes and annotations directly within the interface, while drag and drop functionality makes importing images a breeze, supporting a dynamic and flexible workflow.

Furthermore, PureRef offers advanced organization tools like slideshow mode, grayscale conversion, bilinear sampling for image clarity, and the ability to create groups and hierarchies for your images. Features are tailored to streamline your workflow, enabling you to work smarter and more efficiently.

At Scenegraph Studios, we extensively use PureRef for various immersive projects, including VR, AR, game development, architectural visualization, and more. Its intuitive interface and robust organizational capabilities allow our team to quickly compile and assess reference images, aiding in the conceptualization and iteration process. By centralizing our visual resources in PureRef, we ensure consistent access to vital references, fostering unity and coherence across our projects.


“PureRef is brilliant, simple, and allows us to get on the same page as each other. This software is key to our process.” – Dr. David Tully

“When I started at Scenegraph, I had never heard of PureRef, but it makes my job as a 3D modeler, animator, and Unreal Engine developer much easier… no more guessing.” – Sam Mundy

For creatives seeking a straightforward solution to reference image management, PureRef offers a minimalist interface that can be customized to your screen space needs, making it an essential component of any artist’s or designer’s digital toolkit.

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