When we render out animations from Unreal Engine, it is often preferred to render out shots and sequences to individual folders. For this you can simply use Format Strings.

For example, the output folder of jpg’s will be the following (by default)


If we want to render out shots to individual folders without making those folders and rendering separately we use the following;


Hope this helps you to make some cool things.


A list of {format_strings} and example values that are valid to use in the File Name Format:

level_name => ThirdPersonMap
sequence_name => SequenceRoot
job_name => SequenceRoot
frame_rate => 30.0
date => 2024.04.23
time => 21.39.53
year => 2024
month => 04
day => 23
version => v00x
job_author => david
frame_number => 0000
frame_number_shot => 0000
frame_number_rel => 0000
frame_number_shot_rel => 0000
camera_name => CameraName
shot_name => ShotName
render_pass => RenderPassName
project_dir => C:/FOLDER LOCATION/ProjectName/Unreal/
output_resolution => 1920_1080
output_width => 1920
output_height => 1080

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