Today Dave was a guest speaker at the MediaCity Innovation Technologies Innovation Hub for their AI Jam.

The talk was a packed room.

Dave – “It was very cool. I was not sure what the audience would want to hear so I did not make a presentation and did it all ad-hoc. I must have done something right as we spoke for pretty much 2 hours covering many different softwares, hardware, and how Scenegraph utilises AI for projects.”

Dave spoke about the following;

All of this would not have been possible to demonstrate without the help from Lenovo loaning us a demo machine – the ThinkPad with an i7 and a 4090 NVIDIA GPU. This laptop/workstation makes light work of AI models.

We are looking forward to developing and presenting our own CPD (Continued Professional Development) workshops on AI, Games, and Business developments – helping overs utilise this technology.

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